Fabric Over Silicone Gaskets

Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM), a well-respected leader in the EMI Shielding industry, introduces Fabric over Silicone EMI Gaskets (FoS) for high temperature applications. FoS has been developed with a new flame retardant formulation providing EMI shielding gaskets with UL94-V0 grade (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and Halogen Free according to IEC 61249-2-21 (<=900 ppm chlorine, <=900 ppm bromine and 1500 ppm max. halogens). Fabric over Silicone EMI gaskets provide low compression forces, low compression set and an operating temperature that can be up to 125℃ (257ºF). combined with Highly flexible SEM fabric NiCu-C12 or NiCu-C70, Fabric over Silicone gaskets still feature over 70 dB attenuation at 40 GHz(SEM Stripline method) making this product ideal for on-board shielding or high temperature environment. Fabric over Silicone is currently available for all the SEM rectangular profiles.


Fig 1. Contact Resistance and Compression Load Deflection Testing result of ED9 (1.5 x 5.0 mm) Gasket



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