Miniature & Small ball bearings

Miniature & Small ball bearings


Miniature & Small ball bearings –1. Selecting Process

To select a ball bearing part number and specification properly, it is necessary to fully understand the required performance of the ball bearing by confirming the structures, dimensions, environment, and conditions of each application using the ball bearing. The process of selecting a ball bearing is shown below.

Application conditions, environment, required performance
  • Structure and function of equipment
  • Application conditions
    (temperature, humidity, vibration, dust, etc.)
  • Loads
  • Dimension and material of shaft and housing
  • RPM, Rotation precision, Rotation Ring
  • Torque
  • Noise
  • Life
  • Regulated substance

Tolerance and Grades
Condition table:Please use the form below for selecting a bearing part number and spec.

Condition table