OpTIM™ OU-809 Thermal Conductivity [9W/mK]

OpTIM™ OU-809 Thermal Conductivity [9W/mK]

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OU-809P is a high Compressible Gap Filler (Putty Type) with high performance thermally
conductive compound and will not dry out. The surface consistency is excellent for filling
surface irregularities as OU-809P is Sheet structure, which is convenient to use.
OU-809P provides a cost effective solution for application where rapid heat transfer from
heat source to spreader is required.
OU-809P is RoHS compliant and halogen-free, offering extra reassurance in applications
which hazardous substances are forbidden.
Typical Applications
 Heat source to spreader/sink in computer and peripherals
 Power conversion equipments
 Cooling components to the chassis, frame or other types of heat spreader
 Wireless communication hardware
 Automotive control units
 Power supply
 Audio and video component
 Micro processor



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